The symbol designed for Hammam Al-Ándalus seeks to encompass the wide spectrum of what the brand should represent on a cultural and spiritual level, albeit with a modern interpretation. To this end, the symbol is based on the “flower of life”, a circular geometry comprised of other small circles that create radial patterns that look like flowers, which has been used since antiquity by numerous cultures in a multitude of ways that range from purely ornamental to mystical.

For Hammam Al-Ándalus, we designed a geometric pattern created out of the ordered repetition of the Rub el hiz, the eight-pointed star that is used in Islamic culture as a symbol for paradise, which appears repeatedly in the extraordinary architectures of the Hammam Al-Ándalus baths. This element also serves as a nod to Hammam’s previous visual identity.





For the word “Hammam” in the logotype, we retouched the Havenbrook (with its elegant finishes) typography, in order to obtain a symmetrical and balanced logotype that would subtly reference the sacred geometry of Islamic art. The logo is completed by a second line that reads “Al-Ándalus”, in a smaller size, formed using the typography Engravers’ Gothic in contrast with the Havenbrook.

The logotype’s resulting morphology is very horizontal, clean and symmetrical, thereby transmitting the almost spiritual serenity of the brand experience.



The selection of the corporate color implied a big leap from the previous brand, which employed colors that are typically associated with the architectural tradition of Arab baths and, for that reason, failed to achieve the desired effect of differentiating the brand from its competitors.

For the new brand, we opted to use blue as the main corporate color, inspired by Larimer, a semi-precious stone that is believed to come from the depths of the sea, and that therefore supports the primordial element of the “Hammam experience”: water.

The rest of the color palate is comprised of colors that relate to the earth tones and stone colors of the architecture of the Arab baths.




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